Dev Blog #016 - Closed Beta May 05, 2024

Sorry I've been slow getting this announcement out, as soon as I launched the beta I was full speed fixing bugs for a week.
I've been working as fast as I can on fixes and updates coming out daily, so expect a few bits of downtime here and there, usually only a few minutes long.

You can download the client at
I've had a few reports that some browsers do not like the download. I am working on fixing this using something called "code signing", basically signing the exe file with a certificate saying it's from Seven Point Red. To do this I just need to wait for a hardware token to be delivered to me, I should get that by the end of next week so after that hopefully everything will be good.

Please remember this is Beta release #001 and the game has bugs, as well as a lot of features disabled.
This version is just to test the core game works, you can fly around, blow stuff up, trade, mine and board stations.
Beta release #002 will be out as soon as the core game is stable.

If you haven't already got one you can grab a founders pack at this will give you access to the beta right away.

If you use Discord you can join the AQ2 server at I am always active on there.

Thanks everyone and welcome to the Aquila system!

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