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Most frequently asked questions, answered. This will be updated over time and all the games features are subject to change during development and the beta.

What platforms will AQ2 be available on?

AQ2 will be available on iOS, Android and a Steam/PC release. Although I don't know what order they will launch in.

When will AQ2 be released?

The PC closed beta is available now! You can download it from your account page.

Can I keep my AQ:First Contact username?

Yes you will be able to keep your name, I will be reserving all names currently used in AQ1 who sign up for AQ2 before release. If you use the same email address to sign up for AQ2 you will have the option to use your existing name.

Will the game still have a top down view?

Yes, the battles in AQ2 will be top down but with a more flexable camera. You will also be able to pan around the battlefield to view things further away.

Will AQ2 be free to play?

That's the plan!\nThere will be in game purchases for cosmetic items as well as an option subscription. The subscription applies to all your characters.

Will AQ2 have the same ships/weapons/fittings?

AQ2 will have more ships, more weapons and more fittings. All the existing ships will be in AQ with more added.
AQ2 has a full mining and trading feature so ships like the Wyrm and Startrader will be pilotable.
The way ships are fitted has changed, there are now dedicated slots for shields, engines, armor and some new systems.
There are extra slots for Turrets and Internal fittings. Each turret can also have a modification applied as well as custom ammo.

Whats new for battles?

Lots, battles are no longer restricted to 3v3, they are fought in open space.
There are also new items such as deployable turrets and shield generators. Deployables last a set amount of time but don't require you to be nearby, you can drop some turrets around an Outpost for some extra defense while you head out into space.
More is planned, but it is best said in a blog post so I will give more information when I have more to show.

Where can I see more details on AQ2?

AQ2 is still in development and it is very early, any progress will be posted in the news/blog

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