AQ2: Expanse
Explore a massive galaxy filled with life.

Start your adventure in the Aquila system, a vast expanse of space filled with opportunities.
AQ2 is being developed by a solo developer, sign up to the news email to get updates on the development.

Frontline News: "Aquila system's Frontier, Belt, Edge, Void, and Cloud Regions report no changes or corporation shifts, maintaining stability across all areas. Stay vigilant, Explorers."
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Space Strategy MMO
Massive Battles

Join your friends and fight in real time battles with hundreds of ships.
Fly multiple ship classes, from small Corvettes to massive Titans, or avoid the combat trading and mining in a Barge.
Cross platform play, all in the same galaxy.

Galaxy Control

A huge universe with hundreds of sectors, Asteroid belts, Nebula, Gas Clouds and Debris fields are full of dangers and opportunity.
Start your journey in the Core region and use the Warp gates to access the more dangerous Belt or Frontier regions.

Detailed Ships

Fit your ships with powerful turrets, customise them more with detailed fittings and subsystems.


Join a Corporation and take control of the Aquila system. Capture Outposts, build production facilities and ensure your workers have enough supplies.


Trade on open markets, keep your eye on prices across regions and make huge profits.
Or trade on the black market with other commanders.


Mine for resources, salavge wrecks for equipment or completely deconstruct them for raw materials.


Along with a campaign storyline you can undertake missions for various contacts accross the Aquila system.


Sometimes you want to explore solo and there are plenty of areas in the Aquila system you can head to alone.


Join a Wing with your allies and push back against Pirates in group based Raids.


A complete skill tree to increase your performance with all ships, weapons and fittings.

Support the development

Becoming a Patron helps contribute to the development of AQ2, a huge thank you to everyone who has supported the game so far.

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