Dev Blog #015 March 23, 2024

Hey everyone, I hope you are all well. I have big news today, the Beta release date has been set for April! I've been working on all my outstanding issues and bugs over the couple of months and I've got through most of my list so I'm happy with the core of the game and all the technical bits.
This development blog should help outline the beta process and what to expect.

New Roadmap

There is a new roadmap on the website that contains progress on all parts of the game, this gives an overview of what is left to do before and during the beta. You can expect lots of updates through the beta with fixes, improvements and new features. I will keep this updated as I progress, along with more development blogs and patch notes.

I will be enabling major features in stages, this will allow me to focus and get feedback on each part of the game and ensure things are working smoothly while also incorporating any changes required. For example the skill tree will be released in a beta patch, then ship subsystems, then another feature, each time gathering feedback and making any changes requested.

Doing things this way should not only help my development and ensure the game is progressing along with the players requests, but also highlights what I am currently focused on so players are aware of game elements that require the most feedback. ( Also allowing for better bug detection )


I've also completed a new feature, blockades. Every now and then Pirates can get a bit bolder in their assaults, they are now able to form blockades in warp lanes. Once a Pirate blockade is active any ships using that warp lane will be forced to drop out early and end up trapped by the Pirates. These sectors usually contain several warp dampeners that need to be destroyed to clear the blockade. Players will be rewarded for their contributions in destroying the blockade.


As part of the ongoing effort to make AQ2 look great, I have redone all the skyboxes for each environment. Before they were mostly just changes in color, moving between and Asteroid belt and a Nebula just tinted things from brown to blue. Now each sector type has its own color scheme and unique background, showcasing any nearby stars and planets as well!

AQ2 Partners

I have a new affiliate system ready to go, so if you are a streamer or content creator you can join up at
For anyone else there is also the referral system, you can find your referral link on the account page.

Founders Packs

f you haven't already got one you can grab a founders pack at this will give you access to the beta as soon as it launches. Please remember the beta will be PC only to start, I am looking into how I could do a mobile beta as well but I am not yet sure how this could work.

As always you can wishlist on steam at
Thank you for all your support so far, I hope you are all doing well and I look forward to getting everyone into the Aquila system.

Thank you for all your support so far, I hope you are all doing well and I look forward to getting everyone into the Aquila system.

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