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The latest updates on the AQ2:Expanse development.

Dev Blog #009 February 14, 2023

Backstories, Npc chatter and more.

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Dev Blog #008 December 18, 2022

New Modules, AI and more.

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Dev Blog #007 October 09, 2022

Player bases, Achievements, Auras and more

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Dev Blog #006 August 17, 2022

Challenges, Profiles and Stealth

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Dev Blog #005 July 10, 2022

Skills, Building and Modifications..

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Dev Blog #004 May 10, 2022

Graphics, new features and a new map

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Dev Blog #003 February 15, 2022

New areas, new skins, new features..

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Dev Blog #002 December 06, 2021

A quick look at a few new social features.

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Dev Blog #001 October 26, 2021

Take a look into the future features of AQ2: Expanse!

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