Dev Blog #017 - Beta 2 May 19, 2024

Hi everyone, I have just launched Beta 2. This beta will focus on corporation outposts and your homebase.

Outpost storage rework

I have done a rework on how corporation outposts handle their resources. In the previous beta, each auxiliary building had its own storage, and the trade simulation would move resources between the auxiliary building and any other building that demanded that resource, meaning a power plant could ship its energy cells directly from itself to any other auxiliary building in the whole Aquila system.
This was not intuitive and made the trading system more complicated than it needed to be, both in the simulation and for the player. So, I took some time to redo how buildings store their resources and trade.
Now every auxiliary building stores its resources in the main outpost storage and will automatically give or take any resources it needs. Having storage handled this way means there is a single storage area to check for each sector, making it easier to see all the resources available as well as an overview of the production, consumption, and trade amounts.
The trade simulation has also been updated; resources are no longer just traded based on demand but also on the current storage amounts in the main outpost.
For example, resources will no longer be imported if there is a surplus in the current sector, and resources will no longer be exported unless there is a sufficient amount stored.
I have increased the speed of the simulation and the resource amounts, and I will be enabling the profit/loss accounts later in this beta release. Meaning you will have to manage production and wages for your workers.

Ship Selling

You can now sell any ships you have in your homebase hangar. You will be given a price based on the ship's condition and any resources it has in its hold. I will be working on the ship scrapping system for this beta release so that you can turn your ships into raw resources if you don't want to sell them.


I have been going through the bug and feedback lists, and this update also contains a whole bunch of more minor fixes and improvements. As always, please report anything in-game by hitting F1 and submitting a report.

If you haven't already got one you can grab a founders pack at this will give you access to the beta right away.

If you use Discord you can join the AQ2 server at I am always active on there.

Thanks again for all your support. As with the first beta, I will be releasing patches and updates at a steady rate. Please check the discord for more up-to-date information.

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